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Applicant (Personal) Contact Information:

Name, Email, Contact Number, Educational Qualification, LinkedIn profile

startup idea details:

Name, Brief Description, Problem Addressed, Solution, Innovation, USP, Competition, Legality, IPR, Stage, Sector, Team members, Incorporation Number (CIN), Startup India recognition (DPIIT Certificate), Pitch Deck/Presentation with startup details

funds and numbers:

Funds raised, Source of Funding, Amount Raised or Invested, Revenue status, Revenue and Expense projection

incubation support

Details of previous/present Incubation support (if you have ever gotten funding or incubation support from any other startup incubator)

benefits at vscic

GUSEC has built one of the leanest and most amenable startup support systems in the country, keeping our approach community-driven and always open to your suggestions/comments on how GUSEC can be more helpful to your success.


patent & tm support

coworking space

infra - structure



premium sub - scription

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