Vikram Sarabhai
Children Innovation Center

The VSCIC is envisaged as a platform to institutionalize efforts of the Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC) and UNICEF office of Gujarat to identify, nurture and promote innovations by children.


why vscic

From Gutenberg to Google, the age of information has swept across the world today. Information Technology’s tremendous progress has enabled knowledge to disseminate without filters. In a world where everything is available at the click of a button, people are bombarded with unfiltered information. While people of all age groups are susceptible to get manipulated by the same, being at an exceptionally impressionable age, children are bound to get more influenced by what they see, read and perceive in the world.


Numerous studies have shown that social learning in children builds their foundation of the culture they live in, and acquiring information through observation is a rapid and efficient way for them to learn. Children are exceptional imitators from a young age, and are deemed to be ‘cultural magnets’. The onus then becomes twice as responsible for adults to expose their children to the right information in the right environment, at the right time, and to do so in a way that inspires our children to “innovate, not imitate”.


Harbouring this very vision, with the aim of inspiring children to create their own solutions to the problems faced in the 21st-century world, GUSEC and UNICEF laid the foundation of the Vikram Sarabhai Children Innovation Centre (VSCIC).

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The foundation of the VSCIC is established on the premise of two editions of the Children Innovation Festival, the impact of which was observed as follows:



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