Let kids be kids

Children are unique in the way that they think and act. While adults may be burdened by what’s actually possible and what’s not, children’s imagination runs free. And sometimes, in the most desperate of times, that is what we need – to be able to believe that anything indeed, is possible. 


When children learn to take risks from a younger age, they have a better outlook on failure and it makes it easier for them to face it when they grow up and learn from it better. Children only learn and aspire to be what they see around them, and by teaching them to innovate, we allow them to look beyond it. Applying this different kind of thinking during their education can lead them to have an edge over others due to having a different perspective.

Introduction to NCIC

The National Children Innovation Challenge is a unique initiative by GUSEC and UNICEF to identify the best young innovators in India. It aims to scout for innovative ideas by children that solve the problems related to or inline with the Sustainable Development Goals.


The NCIC is an extension of the Children Innovation Festival (CIF), an initiative of GUSEC & UNICEF to identify, nurture and support children-led innovations in the state of Gujarat. The CIF, in its two editions, brought about 2088 applications by 3114 children across 29 states of the country into the fold of innovation, with children as young as 7-year-olds submitting their ideas.


Based on the tremendous success of the CIF and the enthusiastic response of children, we decided to open the platform to a bigger audience, giving more children the opportunity to ideate and solve problems of the contemporary world.

Benefits of NCIC

The VSCIC is envisaged as a platform to institutionalize efforts of the Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC) and UNICEF office of Gujarat to identify, nurture and promote innovations by children

In January 2020, UNICEF and Gujarat University signed a Letter of Understanding to set up the Vikram Sarabhai Children Innovation Centre (VSCIC). 

Up to 2-year Incubation support at GUSEC


Mentorship, guidance and networking

Access to government grants & funds

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