7DCM: A Step Into New Era of Compositing

The startup is related to a product, a simple machine that can convert biodegradable waste into compost in just seven days. Saksham was asked by his school to work on something related to a green solution as a part of his project. He and his partners started experimenting with aerobic bacteria and found the perfect solution. And this is how the startup was born. The trio aims to bring change by putting biodegradable waste to better use by converting it into compost rather than throwing it away and adding to the problem of managing waste. They believe it will also help more people take up gardening. Saksham says he sees their product being used by millions of people in the coming years and is hopeful of bringing a major change in the world. For the young innovator, the most exciting moment of his startup journey was when the solution worked. The most difficult part is the financial issues, but he and his partners have so far managed to somehow overcome the challenge. Going ahead, the startup wants to solve other issues related to agriculture through different solutions and also aims to minimize the cutting of trees. When feeling uninspired, Saksham says he talks to people who care about him. The youngster says more children can be encouraged to become innovators by “showing them what can be achieved through innovation.” This is Saksham’s second year in CIF and he describes his journey with the words “I am loving it.”

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Saksham Solanki, Founder