Automated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Device

As the saying poes, three basic functions of news are to Educate, Inform and Entertain. Taking a cue from an article in a leading newspaper and realising the shocking revelations of lack of awareness about Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), the 9th student prade student comes with an innovative device ‘Automated Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Device’, an innovation saving lives. In case of sudden cardiac arrest to anybody, performing CPR on him/her, before taken to any nearby hospital, can bring the fatality down by over 90 percent as medical practitioner says. “We are a country of over 130 billion people and lack of CPR knowledge among the common citizen channeled me to desipn a ready to use, that to automated one, and fully functionalCPR device to save lives of people,“said Vidit Parikh. “I want make my project a reality and available at all nooks and corners of the world, as I believe no one should die out of hospital due a lack of awareness about an important technique. Also, I would like to start project’s start up initiative and serve it to as many as possible.I want to scale it up to maximize its use and effectively bring down the fatality caused due to sudden cardiac arrest”, he added. Explaining the basic unction of CPR, he says CPR is a method of providing chest compressions to facilitate of flow of oxygen to the lungs of the aPected people. However, a lot of people are out there with knowhow of how CPR works, but numbers are less. Vidit, replying to a question on most pressing challenge he wants to address in the next four decades. “I want to work for the continuous improvement in Healthcare sector. Also, I would wish to make a project or propose an idea to decline the number of rape cases in the world”, “My innovation is according to me very prestigious to a human life. So, I would like to make my project a reality but on the other hand would love to seek guidance and spread the knowledge of CPR technique,” he added.

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Vidit Parikh, Founder