To safeguard the farmlands from animals and creatures like wild ass, blue bull and birds, Harsh Panchal, Rafikmiya Qureshi and Unmesh Patel from Shree Saraswati Vidhyalaya, Ramas have developed an automatic system. The system is equipped with Artificial Intelligence based laser lights, flash lights and sirens which make sure agri-fields are protected round the clock with flash lights during nights and sirens in daytime. The class 10 students successfully tested the system at Jagdishbhai Dheerubhai Patel’s 50-acre fields in the Ramos village for 45 days. They also have the videos for the review of the automatic farm protection system. The multipurpose protection system can also be used at houses, stores, banks and commercial establishments, etc. “As we come from a remote backward village and livelihood there depend upon the agriculture where science and technology rarely reach. And this prompted us to develop a system that will help protect our farmlands,“ said the students. “India is an agriculture-intensive country and innovation like this will not only bolster the economic condition of farmers but also of the country and, therefore, one should innovate,“they said while speaking on why one should innovate.

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Harshkumar Panchal

Rafikmiya Qureshi, Co-Founder