biodegradable inirritable gloves

The start up is working on eco-friendly & skin friendly as well as eco friendly glove which can be used again and again because of its sanitization system. Frequent hand washing has been identified as one way to keep the Coronavirus at bay, and this is what inspired Akshat to work on the idea. “I wanted a Corona-free clean environment, so this idea of having a biodegradable glove with the inbuilt sanitising system came up,” he says. In the next few years, Akshat sees his startup achieving new heights with demand for biodegradable gloves rising in the post-Covid-19 era. The young innovator says it was exciting to develop the biodegradable polymer. The tricky part was installing a sanitiser filled stripe within the glove that would release sanitiser and sanitise the whole glove. Walter Hunt is Akshat’s favourite innovator. “He was the inventor of the safety pin in 1849 and was known for his sharp sense of observation. He also invented many other things,” Akshat says. When feeling down, Akshat thinks about problems present in the world which are more significant than his problems and tries to find solutions. “My mother also inspires me,” he says. Going ahead, Akshat also wants his startup to work on addressing problems such as energy shortage, waste management and wastewater treatment and to usher in a disease-free environment. Organizing science fairs, competitions and visits to Science museums should attract children towards science, says Akshat, who has written a book, “Scientoonics: The factbook.” “Use fun and humour to make science attractive to children”, he advises. Akshat thanks CIF for all the support and the opportunity the platform provided to showcase his idea to the world.

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Akshat Kulshreshtha, Founder