TV based Online computer using raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi computer works like a computer when connected to a TV set. The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable computer that people can use to learn programming through fun and practical projects. Through his startup idea, Hari wants to go for online connectivity with the help of Raspberry Pi computer and wants to spread the message of teaching basic computer science in schools throughout the country with it. The young innovator says the whole startup journey has been exciting, but the most challenging part of developing his innovative idea was to find a new project, learn about it, discover it and execute it. Hari is confident his idea has huge potential and his startup will become highly successful in the next few years. Going ahead, Hari wants to work for the ecology by ensuring the growth of more trees, checking the use of plastic and effectively dealing with plastic waste. He also aims to extend help to stray animals and also wants people to use more gadgets. The Coimbatore boy says Alexander Graham Bell is his favourite innovator because he invented the telephone, a device that brought the world closer. When feeling uninspired, Hari says he reads biographies of great heroes and introspects about the reasons for feeling down to charge himself up. According to the youngster, more children can be encouraged to become innovators by teaching them about new projects and not being forced into innovation. Hari says during his journey with the CIF he has learnt about new inventions and innovators.

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Hari Balaji . P, Founder