Vaccu – cotton-picking machine

The Vaccu-cotton-picking machine, is an affordable vacuum cotton-picking machine that is aimed at helping cotton farmers overcome labour shortage. The spate of farmer suicides in Palak’s hometown Akola due to their poor condition was the inspiration behind the startup idea. Palak says she sees the Vaccu – cotton-picking machine helping solve farmers’ problems and prove to be a major step forward towards ushering in greater use of technology in agriculture in India. Going by how strongly she feels about the condition of farmers, it is hardly surprising that when she is feeling low, Palak remembers the moments she saw desperate farmers attempting suicide. The youngster says those thoughts and the drive to do something to stop farmers from ending their lives fills her with new inspiration and new enthusiasm. According to Palak, the most exciting part of her startup journey was also the most difficult. That was when she tried to develop a robot and attach hands to it so that it could work as she had envisioned. While helping farmers is her top priority, the young innovator also wants to solve problems such as fires in ICU wards, exploding oxygen cylinders, etc. that have become a regular occurrence during Covid-19 times. Palak says more children can be encouraged to become innovators through proper guidance and support as she has received. The young innovator describes her journey with CIF as enthusiastic, encouraging, interesting and happy. “I think this journey is the best thing I ever have experienced in my life,” Palak sums up.

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Palak Prakash Chandankhede, Founder