Three friends — Pryagraj Mehta, Rutwa Kothari and Aryan Devpura — from DAV International School has developed a mobile vehicle spittoon in order to get rid of colourful obnoxious painting due to spitting of pan-masala and tobacco consuming people. The low-cost mobile vehicle spittoon can be used to spit in it while driving and hence not spraying it out which many a time even dirty clothes and faces of people walking alonp the road side. Pryagraj Mehta, of the team, thought of the innovation solution while traveling with his grandfather (habituated to tobacco), who downed the window panes and spit out. The incident fueled him and he discussed with his friends about possible solution. And they came out with vehicle spittoon. According to them, the vehicle spittoon must be made mandatory and it should begin with Gujarat, which was placed at 3rd place in a recent report on Tobacco and pan spitting on roads while driving. “Learned at school that ‘Necessity is the mother of all innovation’, but for that we need our minds open to innovate and to make our society/country a better place,” they said while giving their mind on why one need innovation. “Lack of practical learning at school level is the most pressing challenging our society is facing today and we will work on the change that in the next 3 decades,” the class 8 students said. On their CIF 2019 Bootcamp experience, they said, “How to develop an idea into viable product and its threadbare process, were our best learning outcomes”.

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Prayagraj Mehta, Co-Founder

Rutwa Kothari, Co-Founder

Aaryan Devpura, Co-Founder