The youngest innovator at the CIF 2019 Bootcamp — Kavya Patel, a class 6 student from Amity School — has developed a very unique and innovative Vertical Tower for cultivating cereals, pulses, medicinal plants, vegetables and others. The tower proves a viable option in the contemporary age of ever shrinking open space that posing a serious threat to vegetation, especially in urban centers. These towers can be used to cultivate about 1 50 verities of agricultural and other plants. Moreover, spread of concrete based infrastructure development, urbanization and pollution to land, air and water are posing dangers to land based agriculture. Such towers require relatively lesser space and it’s easy to maintain as it will be free from animal and other encroachments. On need for innovation, Kavya said, “Innovation is the need of the time to drive our nation on the path on sustainable development and prosperity and for that we all need to contribute. And, therefore, it is essential for every thinking mind in their individual as well in collaborative capability tojoin hands to make it happen”. “Pollution is the most pressing challenge we all are faced with and I shall work on ways and innovations to sort out the issue in the next 30 years my life,” added the youngest innovator at the Bootcamp. “How to develop an idea into a business model and scale it further to the production level was my biggest learning outcome from the CIF 2019 Bootcamp,” Kavya said.

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Kavya J. Patel, Founder