The startup’s idea is a wireless system or device capable of conducting power that can help reduce power failures and make the power distribution system more efficient. Founder Saket says the idea for the wireless power transfer was inspired by the Tesla Coil designed by inventor Nikola Tesla in 1891. The young innovator from Surat says his idea has the potential to reduce the losses involved in transmission and distribution of electricity, lower electricity bills, and guard users from electrical shocks. According to Saket, the most exciting part of the startup journey was transforming his innovative idea into a reality. He also says he hasn’t faced any great difficulties in implementing the project. “I see my startup idea being adopted widely and the device being used in all places in the next five to seven years,” he says about his expectations from the startup.Saket’s favourite innovator is Nikola Tesla for “his impressive contribution to the design of the modern alternating- current electricity and betterment of the society.” When feeling uninspired, the young innovator thinks about new ideas and spends time working on his wireless power transfer device prototype. Going ahead, the teenager says he wants to work towards reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and promoting greater use of renewable energy in vehicles, factories and homes. “This is critical to protect our environment and Mother Earth,” he says. To encourage more children to become innovators, Saket says they must be made aware of the world of innovation and their efforts must also be recognised through certificates and gifts. He describes his journey with CIF as “a wonderful experience”.

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Saket Merai, Founder